Informa Investment Solutions Announces Presentation Center for PerformanceIQ

Jan 8, 2015

White Plains, NY, January 8, 2015 -- Informa Investment Solutions announced today the release of Presentation Center as an additional service available in PerformanceIQ. Presentation Center empowers our clients to provide timely and focused responses to clients’ changing needs and requests for customized reports.

Included in Presentation Center are all the analytics needed to provide an accurate depiction of portfolio performance for individual or mass client reporting. Presentation Center will allow investment advisory firms and bank trusts to efficiently create custom representations of portfolio performance, asset allocation, cashflows and analytic data. A library of pre-defined report pages can be tailored to offer targeted client communication, producing output that deserves attention.

Specific features and benefits include:
  • Flexibility for clients to tell their story when and how they want to tell it
  • Confidence from a proven data process
  • Control over the way our clients’ brand is portrayed in the market
  • Efficiency while delivering high-end reports, using an easily repeatable process

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