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S&P Target Date Indices

Jun 17, 2015 Ryan Nauman
At Informa Investment Solutions, we continually strive to add new enhancements and features to our products. One type of enhancement that we focus on is improving and adding to our current list of over 59,000 indexes. Over the years Target Date funds have grown in popularity for both asset management firms and investors alike. The increase in popularity for this asset class has led to the need for appropriate benchmarks to track these products. We are happy to announce that we have added the suite of S&P Target Date indexes to our index database. This suite includes 37 different target date indexes, which correspond to the 11 different target retirement dates. Each index provides different levels of exposure to equities and fixed income depending on the retirement target date. You can locate these indexes within the “S&P US Equity Indexes” database found in StyleADVISOR. Please visit S&P’s website to learn more about these indexes and the other indexes that S&P offers.

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