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Long Awaited Fee Adjuster Enhancement Is Here

Apr 29, 2015 John Regin

For some time now our StyleADVISOR customers have been asking “Is it possible to show a return in StyleADVISOR that has been adjusted for some type of fee?” Well, that time has arrived with the release of new functionality in StyleADVISOR called “Fee Adjuster”.

Custom fees can now be applied to any Manager, Blend, Benchmark, or Custom Return series. This new functionality is now available in the 8.5 version of StyleADVISOR.

Below are some examples of how this might be used:

1. The user can create a fee, add it to a manager’s returns, and then plug that “fee added” manager into a workbook right alongside the same manager without the fee for comparison.

2. Fees can be applied to economic indicators. Take CPI and add/remove basis points to run “what if” scenarios.

3. Fees can be front or back loaded and adjusted over time. 

There are two ways to set up fees in StyleADVISOR, from the Edit menu drop down and from the Select Managers screen. Here is an example of using the Edit drop down menu to add a fee. 

And here the user is adding the fee from the Select Managers screen. By selecting More Fees…. the user can see all the fees that have been set up including those using the Edit method.

Here is a screen shot of the edit screen that is used to create the fee. Notice that you indicate how the fee will be applied, and the date range you want to include. To add additional details on the fee, there is a field for Notes.

Here multiple fees have been added. In this case a fee was added at the beginning of the return (Front Load) in addition to applying the fee annually.

In the Select Manager window, the manager will show up like the image below. Notice there is a new column called Return Adjustment ID that can be used to search for Fee Adjusted managers and the Description of the Manager has changed to indicate an adjusted return.

Finally, here is how the fee adjusted manager would look in a StyleADVISOR table alongside the regular return:

For more details on this and other 8.5 enhancements view 8.5 Guide to New Features at

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our Support Team at (800) 789-5323 / (775) 588-0654 or email

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