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Introducing StatFACTs and the StatMAP

Apr 11, 2013 Marc Odo

Zephyr is pleased to announce the release of our StatFACT series and the accompanying StatMAP framework. The StatFACT sheets are designed to help everyone better understand the performance metrics frequently used in the investment industry. They are simple, easy-to-understand one-pagers that describe:

  • What is the plain-English definition of the statistic?
  • How is the statistic useful?
  • What is a good number?
  • What are the limitations of the metric?
  • What are typical values?

In conjunction with the StatFACT sheets on individual statistics, Zephyr is unveiling the StatMAP structure. The StatMAP is a way of organizing the various metrics into a logical framework. Think of the StatMAP like you would the periodic table in chemistry. The idea behind the StatMAP is that for all of their mathematical complexity, most of the statistics can be classified as 1) a measure of return, 2) a measure of risk, or 3) a return-vs-risk ratio. The StatMAP also details the type of risk being measured.

Zephyr is making this resource available to everyone. We encourage you to use this resource with your colleagues or with your clients. 

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