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Zephyr's New Home at Informa

Oct 17, 2012 Will Clemens

As we announced last week, Zephyr has been acquired by Informa PLC, and will be part of Informa Investment Solutions, a business within Informa that includes PSN and Investment Scorecard. The catalyst for our acquisition discussion was our existing partnership with PSN, Zephyr's longest-standing data partner. Our formal announcement is posted here.

We are excited and delighted to be joining Informa, a $2 billion+ technology and information publisher, with operations around the world. Informa brings a special combination of benefits to Zephyr: existing assets and experience that can help us continue to innovate and improve our products and services, combined with a relatively hands-off management approach that will gives us the flexibility and automony to run the business as we do today: by listening to our customers and trusting the judgement of Zephyr's experienced, dedicated staff.

What will change for our customers? In the short term, very little. Informa is our new owner, but we will continue to operate independently, with our own management team, product line, and partnerships all remaining in place. Longer term, we do hope to be able to take advantage of closer relationships with the other businesses at Informa. For example, Informa produces a wide range of data, through the PSN service but also through a number of other Informa businesses, that could be of value to our customers, which we could make available through our existing model of redistributing data from a wide range of partners.

One question we've already received from customers is whether Zephyr will continue to be an open system, supporting data from a wide range of data publishers and partners (i.e., not just Informa). The answer is: absolutely. We have already reached out to our key data partners to emphasize that our business model remains the same and we will continue to support a wide range of choice.

While we are excited to have a new home within a larger organization, I also want to thank our prior owners, a group of family offices led by the Kemmons Wilson Companies, for their exceptional stewardship and support over the last five years. This ownership group bought the company upon the retirement of our exceptional founder, Steve Hardy, and continued to invest in the business through an unprecedented crisis in our markets. During their ownership period, we more than doubled the staff of Zephyr and significantly upgraded our technology infrastructure, with virtually all of that investment going into service and product development, to the direct benefit of customers.

A small number of us at Zephyr are now busy working with our new owners, but most of our staff continues to be doing exactly what they were doing before: working on our products, servicing our customers, and running the daily operations of the business. We have an ambitious product release schedule this year, which remains in place, and a wide range of events and learning opportunities for you to hear about what we're doing. So, from a customer perspective, we expect our change in ownership to have little if any impact on you, until we start to deliver new capabilities based on our closer relationships with Informa's other business.

If you have any questions, please contact us through support, your consultant, or me directly at  

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