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Periodic Returns Graph in StyleADVISOR

Dec 1, 2011 Stephen Berei

Is a periodic returns graph possible in StyleADVISOR?

YES! With some outside-of-the-box thinking we can create it. You can only graph ONE manager in this graph and it will be a bar chart.

How is this done?

The first step is to upload a custom return series into the program that will be used as your benchmark with all returns as zero. You will see why in a moment.
From there:
  1. Open StyleADVISOR and go to File…New
  2. Pull in the Manager Performance Graph from the Gallery on the left
  3. Select your manager (Remember, only select one manager)
  4. Choose your benchmark as the return series we just uploaded into the program as all zero returns
  5. You will notice a graph on top (the Mountain Graph) and one on the bottom (the Excess Return Graph)
  6. Make sure “Enable Chart Editing” is active and right click, Graph…Graph
  7. Select Graph 1: “Performance Graph” and click OK
  8. Go to the Location Tab and uncheck Visible, click OK
  9. Right click, Show Excess Return…vs. Market Benchmark


Essentially we have an Excess Return Graph where the benchmark returns are all zero. Therefore, we have built a periodic return bar graph. Once again, key notes:
  • This can currently be done with only ONE manager at a time.
  • The benchmark will not be included on the graph.
  • It will be a bar graph.

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