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Advent Performance Data Upload into StyleADVISOR

Jun 23, 2011 Stephen Berei
Did you know you have the ability to upload performance data from Advent? In order to export returns from Advent and then import into StyleADVISOR, three necessary pre-conditions are required:
  1. Advent needs to create a “Performance History” or “Performance History By Asset Class” report.
  2. The time-weighted returns need to be stated from month-end to month-end or from quarter-end to quarter-end.
  3. That information needs to be exported and saved as an Excel file.
Reports in AXYS can be run on a single account, multiple accounts using the “@” feature, or aggregated accounts using the “+@” feature. Once these performance reports are run, the resulting file needs to be saved to Microsoft Excel.
Once you have the performance in Excel, follow the few steps below and you will be able to use this data in StyleADVISOR or AllocationADVISOR.
  1. In StyleADVISOR go to File-->Import Data and follow the below steps in the wizard
  2. Browse to the Excel file with the performance and click Next
  3. You will be asked to create a database or choose a database if you already have created a custom database in the program
    1. To create a new database, click on New and type in a three letter extension, Name, Description and Browse to a directory where you want these files to be located (the default is  <Home> and generally that will be the correct location) and click Next
    2. If you already have a custom database, choose one of the following ID, Name or Description from the dropdowns available and click Next
  4. Choose how you want to import the return series, you will have three options
    1. If you select “import all return series from all accounts” and click Next, you will have the option to include the account name and/or account info in the Description, click Next and you’re done
    2. If you select individual “return series”, choose a series from the dropdown and click Next, you will have the option to include the account name, account info and/or return series name in the Description, click Next and you’re done
    3. If you choose a “selected return series” and click Next there are a few additional steps:
      1. You will select the Account and Return Series
      2. You will sort accounts as exported, by account name or by account info (unless greyed out)
      3. You will sort return series as exported or by return series name
      4. Click Next, give a File Name and Description, click Next and finally click Finish
Once these steps have been completed, you can now utilize the data you’ve uploaded within our programs.
It may sound in-depth from the instructions, but once you’re in the program it’s pretty simple. We also have instructions with screen shots in our StyleADVISOR Manual. You can get this from the Documentation folder within your StyleADVISOR folder. We also have a walkthrough tutorial on our website.

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