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S&P Target Date Indices

Jun 17, 2015 Ryan Nauman
At Informa Investment Solutions, we continually strive to add new enhancements and features to our products. One type of enhancement that we focus on is improving and adding to our current list of over 59,000 indexes. Over the years Target Date funds have grown in popularity for both asset management firms and investors alike. The increase in popularity for this asset class has led to the need for appropriate benchmarks to track these products. We are happy to announce that we have added...

PSN Top Guns Q1 2015 - New Highs with Minimal Gains

May 28, 2015 Ryan Nauman
Since 2000 Informa Investment Solutions has produced an elite list of separately managed account (SMA) Managers referred to as the PSN Top Guns list. Every quarter PSN ranks thousands of SMA products across dozens of universes. Looking at short- and long-term return and risk characteristics, PSN identifies the top SMA products from a variety of different perspectives. Informa clients can access the Top Guns portion of the Informa website...

What is the purpose of a public corporation?

May 12, 2015 Ryan Nauman
One of the things I still remember from my business courses at St. Cloud State University was that a corporation’s primary purpose is to maximize their shareholder’s value. Maximizing the companies’ shareholders’ return is a goal for all corporations, but should it be the primary goal? One could also say that the welfare of the employees should be a primary goal considering the corporation is the employee’s livelihood. Debt holders can also be considered a...

U.S. economy slows during first quarter of 2015

Apr 30, 2015 Ryan Nauman
The nation’s economic growth slowed during the first quarter, as the gross domestic product expanded by a mere 0.2% seasonally adjusted annual rate, the Commerce Department said Wednesday. The 0.2% gain is the smallest gain since the same time one year ago, when the nation’s economy declined by 2.1%. This minimal growth during the first quarter of 2015 is also a decline from a 2.2% growth during the previous quarter. There...

Long Awaited Fee Adjuster Enhancement Is Here

Apr 29, 2015 John Regin
For some time now our StyleADVISOR customers have been asking “Is it possible to show a return in StyleADVISOR that has been adjusted for some type of fee?” Well, that time has arrived with the release of new functionality in StyleADVISOR called “Fee Adjuster”. Custom fees can now be applied to any Manager, Blend, Benchmark, or Custom Return series. This new functionality is now available in the 8.5 version of StyleADVISOR. Below are some...

Fixed Income Quarterly - Q1 2015

Apr 3, 2015 Ryan Nauman
There are many great benefits to being part of a large organization like Informa Investment Solutions. One of those benefits is the ability to gain exposure and access to experts within other groups of the organization. One group that I find particularly interesting is Informa Global Markets (IGM). IGM is one of the foremost authorities for real-time market commentary and analysis covering the capital markets. We have decided to team up with an...

Introducing StyleADVISOR 8.5! Download It Now!

Mar 26, 2015 Jeremy Poulin
We are pleased to announce the recent release of StyleADVISOR 8.5. Version 8.5 includes a number of new and exciting features. These features include Fee Adjuster, Batch Export of Workbook Tabs as .emf and .eps Image Files, ReportVIEW Page Number Display and the File Locations Tab. Below are specifics on each. Fee Adjuster StyleADVISOR 8.5 introduces the ability to apply customized fees to any return series in order to reflect the impact of such fees on...

Are you willing to take on Warren Buffett?

Mar 10, 2015 Ryan Nauman
Maybe you would be confident to play a game of horse against him or a round of golf, but would you have the same confidence to bet against him in investing? Ted Seides, CFA, President and Co-CIO at Protégé Partners did just that. He bet Warren Buffett back in 2007 that hedge funds would outpace the S&P 500 over the next ten years. Mr. Buffett has been on the better side of this bet for the past seven years, as the S&P 500 has outpaced hedge funds. Will this...

February Unemployment Surprises

Mar 6, 2015 Ryan Nauman
The U.S. economy added 295,000 jobs in February, beating expectations. The unemployment rate fell to its lowest level since 2008, falling to 5.5% from 5.7%; the unemployment rate one year ago was 6.7%. February is also the 12th straight month that the economy has gained over 200,000 jobs. Forecasts were calling for a more modest number of jobs added during February as many winter storms swept through the country, but these storms didn’t slow the U.S. economy adding jobs.

Zephyr OnDEMAND Saved Reports, Saves You Time

Mar 2, 2015 Jeremy Poulin
Do you work on a sales team that is using Zephyr OnDEMAND? Do you notice that you are running the same report for colleagues or clients over and over again? With Saved Reports on Zephyr OnDEMAND, we have a way to make your day to day reporting easier. The Saved Reports feature in Zephyr ONDEMAND allows you to access a report with a single click of your mouse.

Can’t get the market cap for an asset class you are using in Black Litterman? Try this!

Jan 14, 2015 Stephen Berei
Have you ever found yourself searching for an asset class to use in the Black Litterman model, only to find we unfortunately don’t provide the market capitalization for that asset class? Well, just because you don’t have the market cap at your fingertips does NOT mean you can’t utilize the advantages of Black Litterman. Here’s a tip how you can utilize both the Black Litterman and Historical Models to build your efficient frontier and allocation when using asset...

Home Prices in Zephyr StyleADVISOR

Dec 10, 2014 Ryan Nauman
Did you know in addition to using ZephyrStyleADVISOR to analyze mutual funds, separately managed accounts, ETF’s, and hedge funds that you can also compare home prices? Within the Indexes database you can find a database called “OFHEO Home Prices”. This database contains over 450 indexes that measure the average price changes in single family homes. These indexes are broken down by state, region and city.

Debbie George: Using StyleADVISOR to Define Your Edge

Nov 4, 2014 Stephen Berei
A few weeks ago we hosted a spectacular, informative webinar presentation from a long time Zephyr StyleADVISOR user, Debbie George. Debbie has been using the program for over 10 years. She is the President of Growing Emerging Managers’ Services (GEMS) and Managing Director at Logan Capital Management, where she is responsible for institutional client and consultant business development and client service. She has over 20 years of investment industry experience, building strong...

Template Library: See What Zephyr StyleADVISOR Can Do For You!

Oct 15, 2014 Lawrence Chia
One of the reasons that our clients love Zephyr StyleADVISOR is because the tool’s flexibility allows you to create great looking reports. However, if you haven’t yet mastered ReportVIEW, Dynamic Text, and formatting then check out our Template Library, where you’ll find reports that we’ve created to help you get started. From Fact Sheets to Market Cycles to Search templates, you’ll be...

Finding a Replacement for a Fund Closed to New Assets

Aug 8, 2014 Marc Odo
With markets hovering around all-time highs and money flowing in to equity mutual funds the possibility that hot-performing funds close their doors to new assets is a real concern. Well-managed funds are honest with themselves and their shareholders about how much money they can effectively manage. While typically not a concern in deep, liquid markets like large cap equities or Treasury bonds, capacity constraints do matter in less liquid markets like small caps and emerging markets.

Self-Writing Templates

Jul 17, 2014 Marc Odo
Did you know that some Zephyr StyleADVISOR reports can write themselves? That you could have a market summary or a manager overview where the text updates automatically to reflect changes in the underlying data?

Finding A Manager For All Seasons

Jun 23, 2014 Marc Odo
Recently the headlines have been filled with stories about U.S. equity markets hitting all-time highs. Since bottoming out in February 2009, it’s been an incredible bull market. Going forward do you expect the next five years to be as bullish as the last?

Tracking an Individual Portfolio Manager

Jun 5, 2014 Marc Odo
If you’re analyzing the track record of a mutual fund or a SMA, you might have 5, 10, or 20 years of history to analyze. But what if you’re more interested in tracking the performance of an individual portfolio manager? What if your PM has moved from fund to fund over the course of a decade or so? How can you track his or her individual performance?

Training resources at your fingertips!

May 13, 2014 Ryan Nauman
Zephyr StyleADVISOR and Zephyr AllocationADVISOR are very powerful software tools and some users only scratch the surface of what they can do. With the right training, you can discover all the advanced features these products have to offer. Informa Investment Solutions currently offers weekly online training sessions, regional classroom trainings, help videos, and guides useful to both novice and power users. All training options are FREE with your subscription to Zephyr products. In addition, the Zephyr Product Support team is standing by to provide a more intimate training experience, also complimentary.

PSN Top Guns: Managers of the Decade

Apr 7, 2014 Marc Odo
As of December 31st, Informa Investment Solutions calculates the PSN Top Guns – Managers of the Decade. And what a decade it has been! The annualized return of the S&P 500 over the decade was 7.4%- lower than its long-term average but by no means a “lost decade”. However, averages can smooth over a lot of variation. The last ten years contained three distinct market cycles. From January 2004 to October 2007 the markets had a nice run of a cumulative +43.3% following the bear market that inaugurated the new millennium. Trillions of dollars evaporated during the credit crisis between November 2007 and February 2009 and the market was down -50.9% over that stretch. Finally, between March 2009 and December 2013 the market recovered all those losses and was setting all-time highs after gaining an astounding +178.9% off the bottom.

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