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Beyond The Style Box: Unconstrained Returns Based Style Analysis

Mar 27, 2012 Marc Odo
One question we get at Zephyr is, “Is it possible for a manager to fall ‘outside the style box’? "Shouldn’t a high-momentum growth manager or a deep value manager fall beyond the corner indices?” The answer is yes, there is a way you can have managers plot outside the box.

Life Cycle Funds and Returns Based Style Analysis

Oct 21, 2011 Marc Odo
Although a relatively new development, the idea of Target Date, Lifecycle, or Glide-Path mutual funds has found a willing and enthusiastic audience in the defined contribution world. While the idea of offering plan participants a well-diversified investment appropriate to their goals and needs via a single investment is certainly appealing, the growth of this type of product has been a challenge for those attempting to independent, objective performance analysis.

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