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Currency Hedging Amid the Great Divergence

Feb 3, 2016 Ryan Nauman
Now that the Federal Reserve has finally begun raising interest rates, the European Central Bank is headed in the opposite direction. And as a result, the contrasting monetary policies are causing a divergence in the global marketplace that is creating both risks and opportunities for investors.

Q4 2015 Fixed Income Quarterly

Jan 8, 2016 Ryan Nauman
2015 has earned its spot at the top of the record books. With assistance from our colleague Drew Jamner, Credit Analyst of Informa Global Markets (IGM), we take a look back at the record setting year within the investment grade corporate credit capital market space.

2015 in Review

Dec 16, 2015 Ryan Nauman
Now that the U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed) has announced it will commence its tightened monetary policy, and the end of 2015 is near, it’s time to reflect on what drove markets this year and consider the outlook for 2016.

Revisiting the last Rising Interest Rate Environment

Dec 2, 2015 Ryan Nauman
With an unprecedented period of easy money coming to a close and interest rates set to rise, it’s important to revisit how the bond market performed during the Fed’s most recent rising-interest-rate regime a decade ago.

PSN Top Guns Q3 2015 - Volatility Reigns Supreme

Nov 30, 2015 Ryan Nauman
While families were finishing their summer vacations and growing accustomed to beautiful summer days, quarterly gains in U.S. equity markets were also becoming habitual for investors. Just as a summer comes to an end, the third quarter brought an end to the twelve-quarter winning streak for U.S. equities, measured by the Russell 3000 index, which fell 7.25% during the quarter.

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