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Life Cycle Funds and Returns Based Style Analysis

Oct 21, 2011 Marc Odo
Although a relatively new development, the idea of Target Date, Lifecycle, or Glide-Path mutual funds has found a willing and enthusiastic audience in the defined contribution world. While the idea of offering plan participants a well-diversified investment appropriate to their goals and needs via a single investment is certainly appealing, the growth of this type of product has been a challenge for those attempting to independent, objective performance analysis.

Updated Market Cycles Template Available

Oct 6, 2011 Marc Odo
The good news is Zephyr has updated our popular “Market Cycles” template and we’ve made it available for download in our Template Library. The bad news is the update was made to incorporate the recent summer swoon in the markets.

Alpha Star

Sep 23, 2011 Stephen Berei
I think this statistic is one that may not be so popular, but could prove to be very useful. The statistic is a measure of risk-adjusted excess return first introduced by Richard C. Marston in 2004.

Understanding Tail Risk: Skewness & Kurtosis

Sep 2, 2011 Marc Odo
Over the last decade or more there has been an increased awareness of “tail risk”- those extreme events in the market that have an outsized impact upon an investment. By definition, tail events are supposed to be infrequent, but these shocks are happening much more frequently and are more extreme than a lot of investors anticipated.

The Risk-Free Rate And Default Risk

Aug 4, 2011 Marc Odo
Over the last half-century, many of the developments and models used in finance assume the presence of a “risk-free rate”. This rate of return is used as a reference point or springboard for a vast array of analysis,

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