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The Style Benchmark Explained

Apr 10, 2012 Stephen Berei
The Style Benchmark is a combination of indexes that best defines the style of a manager. In other words, it is the combination of indexes that best replicates the historical behavior of the manager by providing the lowest tracking error to the manager.

Beyond The Style Box: Unconstrained Returns Based Style Analysis

Mar 27, 2012 Marc Odo
One question we get at Zephyr is, “Is it possible for a manager to fall ‘outside the style box’? "Shouldn’t a high-momentum growth manager or a deep value manager fall beyond the corner indices?” The answer is yes, there is a way you can have managers plot outside the box.

8.2: Practical Uses of the New Features

Mar 15, 2012 Stephen Berei
It’s always exciting for us to release new versions of our programs because it gives us the opportunity to unveil what our development team has been working on over the past several months or longer. We strive to include additional features in our products that we not only believe are useful and practical for our clients as well as (and most importantly) features that our clients specifically request.

Staggering Across the 2011 Finish Line

Feb 6, 2012 Will Clemens
Predicting the weather in Boston for next week is very difficult, but you can generally bet it will hot and humid most of the summer, cold and windy much of the winter, and you should always have a contingency plan because the weather tends to not cooperate.

Manager Narratives in the Zephyr MA Database

Jan 13, 2012 Marc Odo
Did you know Zephyr Associates collects narrative information in the Zephyr Managed Accounts Database? This information comes standard with your Zephyr subscription and is available to all of our subscribers. Participating managers provide information on firm history, buy/sell discipline, portfolio construction process, and many other firm- and product-level fields.

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