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ETF Returns: Market vs. NAV Returns

Dec 21, 2012 Marc Odo
At Zephyr Associates we occasionally get questions about the different ways to calculate ETF returns, specifically NAV returns versus market returns. Both methodologies are correct, but sometimes yield different results.

The Alpha Alphabet

Dec 4, 2012 Marc Odo
One of the most frequently used terms in finance is “alpha”. Alpha is generally accepted as meaning “manager skill”. Certainly an important concept, it is unfortunate there are so many misconceptions about what alpha is and is not. Searching the web and old textbooks sometimes makes matters worse, as there many different definitions floating around.

Spruce Up Your AllocationADVISOR Reports

Nov 20, 2012 Stephen Berei
The sister program to StyleADVISOR, AllocationADVISOR (AA) never seems to get as much credit as it deserves. The program has the ability to make several formatting edits that most of our clients are unaware of. Although not as flexible as StyleADVISOR, the program does have some useful formatting features.

Fixed Income and StyleADVISOR

Nov 5, 2012 Marc Odo
The question is often asked how to best analyze fixed income products using StyleADVISOR. First and foremost, it is worth noting that all of the return analytics - the benchmark comparisons, the modern portfolio theory statistics, the universe comparisons, etc. - are every bit as relevant when looking at fixed income strategies as they are with equity products.

Zephyr's New Home at Informa

Oct 17, 2012 Will Clemens
As we announced last week, Zephyr has been acquired by Informa PLC, and will be part of Informa Investment Solutions, a business within Informa that includes PSN and Investment Scorecard. The catalyst for our acquisition discussion was our existing partnership with PSN, Zephyr's longest-standing data partner.

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