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Macros in StyleADVISOR: Making Formatting Easier

Mar 20, 2014 Jeremy Poulin
One feature that is often overlooked in StyleADVISOR is the macros feature. Macros allow a user to record a string of text and/or color formatting changes and apply those changes to other places within their workbook with just a single click. This feature can be accessed in two ways. The first way is through the “Tools” menu, located at the top of your StyleADVISOR program. The other way is through a toolbar that can be applied to your StyleADVISOR program via the View menu. The below instructions will walk you through building and applying macros using the toolbar method, but the same steps can be applied through the “Tools” menu.

U.S.-focused managers lead the way in 2013

Feb 26, 2014 Marc Odo
No one can deny the U.S. Equity markets had a fantastic 2013. The broad-based Russell 3000 was up 10.1% during the fourth quarter and 33.6% in 2013, its best year since 1995. However, optimists and pessimists disagree as to what drove the U.S. markets to all-time highs. Bulls point to an improving U.S. economy, an unemployment rate down to around 7%, a housing market on solid footing, strong corporate profits, and low inflation. Bears fretted about the sustainability of the rally and wondered just how much of the market’s performance was driven by five years of near-zero interest rates and three rounds of quantitative easing.

Experience the Zephyr Analytics Center

Feb 7, 2014 Jeremy Poulin
In this article we would like to introduce you to the Zephyr Analytic Center (ZAC). The ZAC is just one piece of our Zephyr OnDEMAND (ZOD) product. For anyone who is not familiar with our ZOD platform, ZOD is a complete online platform that allows an end user to access Zephyr reports on the fly anywhere, anytime as long as they have internet access. It is iPad and tablet friendly. The ZAC is a module within our Zephyr OnDEMAND product and allows end users to run interactive analytics with any type of product.

Crisis Template

Jan 14, 2014 Marc Odo
At Zephyr we recently completed a template that focuses upon short-term “crisis” events. This can be thought of as a variation of our popular “market cycles” templates. The template will show any manager or benchmark during a number of pre-defined market crisis events, typically as short as a few months. While metrics like the Pain Index or the market cycles templates give you a more complete view of downturns, the Crisis template hones in on those times when markets were really at their worst.

Learn how to wrap text and change column headers in StyleADVISOR

Dec 19, 2013 Stephen Berei
There are several common StyleADVISOR formatting questions we receive that are simple to achieve. Two of the most popular questions involve how to wrap text and how to change the column headers in a table.

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