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Have you ever had trouble finding the appropriate benchmark for a product?

Aug 29, 2013 Stephen Berei
Are you ever unsure what benchmark to use for a specific product? Several times we get the question as to which benchmark would be appropriate or the "correct" benchmark to run versus a manager.

UCITS: Key Investor Information Document (KIID) and the SRRI Calculation

Aug 26, 2013 Stephen Berei
In reaction to the current financial crisis throughout Europe, there is a strong drive to provide clearer information about investment products to investors. The "KIID" 2-page factsheet document replaces the Simplified Prospectus, in which the UCITS IV legislation has required all investment companies to provide to investors prior to any investments made.

Delegate your reporting to the Zephyr Reporting Service Bureau

Aug 14, 2013 Stephen Berei
Do you create fact sheets, tear sheets or any type of reports that are run on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis? Client feedback suggests that many don’t necessarily have the time or the desire to create these fact sheets, tear sheets or reports themselves. Delegate the work to us! We are excited to introduce the Zephyr Reporting Service Bureau!

Optimizing Managers on Active Risk

Jul 23, 2013 Marc Odo
AllocationADVISOR users are frequently puzzled by the results of their analysis if they select managers rather than market indices at the inputs to a mean variance optimization (MVO). The goal of optimizing active managers is the same as it is for optimizing asset classes, that is, to maximize return and minimize risks. However, the results tend to lead to recommendations that no one in their right mind would follow.

A Helpful Tip For Consolidating Legends In StyleADVISOR

Jul 8, 2013 Jeremy Poulin
StyleADVISOR has a wide array of formatting features that can be applied to graphs and tables used from the StyleADVISOR gallery. With all the formatting available in StyleADVISOR the user has number of options available to them when designing the layout of their StyleADVISOR report.

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