About Informa Investment Solutions

A market leader in intelligence and software solutions for investment professionals and financial institutions of all sizes, Informa Investment Solutions offers a robust set of analytics and tools to help you grow and retain your business. With a nearly 40-year history, Informa Investment Solutions is part of Informa PLC, a leading business-to-business knowledge provider serving International markets. Informa Investment Solutions has set the standard for providing turnkey and customizable applications for performing manager searches, building wealth plans, and producing client reports and investment marketing materials for companies worldwide.

Our solutions include: 

  • Data Management
  • Money Manager Research
  • Due Diligence Compliance
  • Performance Measurement and Reporting
  • Investment Research and Evaluation
  • Investment and Financial Planning
  • Wealth Management

We know that our clients depend on quickly accessing valuable data and measurement tools, which is why we take pride in providing the highest level of investment and wealth management products and services currently available on the market.

Powerful, Flexible Products

When it comes to serving your clients, you can rely on our full suite of turnkey and customizable applications:

  • Data management software for managed accounts, mutual funds and hedge funds
  • Report and research tools that measure performance and analyze portfolios
  • Comprehensive wealth management, asset allocation and investment proposal applications

We know that every client is different, so we create solutions that fit you and your business. From the beginning, we work with you to determine which options best meet your objectives. We then tailor each application to ensure that you receive the exact information you require, in the exact format you need.

Data Integrity

As an objective, third party supplier of primary information, we know that accuracy counts. Because we do not affiliate with any of the investment managers we track, Informa Investment Solutions provides purely impartial data. To ensure consistency and reliability, all of our data comes directly from the source.

World-Class Service and Support

At Informa Investment Solutions, we not only provide you with superior products, we also offer superior service. From the beginning, our staff works closely with you to determine your needs and customize a solution or set of solutions. We are committed to understanding your business model and creating a seamless transition from your current approach to your upgraded solution.

Our relationship with our clients does not end after the sale is made. In fact, it is just the opposite. We deliver unlimited support and training services guaranteeing you receive the full value from our products. We do this by providing hands-on training at your office, our White Plains, New York office or another location of your choice.

Product and Service Overview

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Informa Investment Solutions is part of the Business Intelligence Division of Informa PLC

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